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aquawatt - The World's Most Advanced Electric

Outboard Engines -  upto 43 KW /  70 HP

  10 - 43 KW (OUTPUT!) with Thrust and Speed like 20 - 70 HP petrol outboard engines make this unique motors a real alternative to petrol engines. The strong induction motor  allows even waterskiing. Clean and sustainable operation combined with low maintenance costs. Also check our  inboard range upto 40 KW per engine.  No trolling motor - real engines for professional use! The future of marine propulsion is electric!

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The Solar Electric Outboard Motors  2-20 HP

no power costs -  no maintenance

Fully independent solar powered outboard motors for a great price. Just unpack, plug in and go! It is all included: The outboard motor, the battery pack, the solar panels and the automatic solar charge controller. Never bother about having no fuel in your tank or needing a grid connection to charge the batteries. Your motor is always ready to go. Perfect for dinghies, inflatable boats, fishing boats or catamarans. The system includes everything you need - ready to go.

  2 HP        6 HP       10 HP     2 x 10 HP


Mid Sized Electric Outboard Engines and

POD's    4 - 20 HP

The latest high end electric outboards with induction motor (no brushes or permanent magnets!) with high thrust are real outboard engines powered either with 2-4 lead acid batteries (deep cycle or AGM) or a lithium battery pack. The battery can be charged with solar power, a generator or with a battery charger connected to the 240 V grid. We offer this engine also as a kit which includes the batteries and the solar system, so your boat is always ready to go without the hassle to get petrol or oil. Make your boat ready for the future now!


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