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Lithium Battery Packs
For Boats

Lithium iron(ferite) batteries (LIFEPO04) only weigh 35-40% of lead acid  batteries (depending on the size).  Over 90% of the energy capacity can be  used instantly compared to 60% from lead acid batteries. More than 2000 cycles life span  and a high safety standard make these the perfect energy source for any electric marine propulsion system.  Unlike other lithium batteries, theses cells are very reliable and safe.


Now you can get these advanced batteries ready to go. Just connect to the engine. The acrylic box includes the battery management system, main fuse, safety switch, main switch* as well as an advanced battery monitoring system with integrated alarm function (f.e. when battery has X % of the capacity left). The system will automatically shut down the power connection to the engine as well as to the charger if discharged or fully charged. So any engine or charger can be used with this packs. No need to connect controll cables to engine or charger. The highest safety standards packed in one box  Including BMS and monitor. Suitable for the installation on any boat (or vehicle).


A battery charger (240 V AC) is included with each battery box as well as an electronic battery monitor*.


*Monitor not included for battery packs below 2 KWH / 2000 WH (Opt.+ $ 250.00)

*Main/safety switch & fuse external for battery packs upto 1 KWH—internal for battery packs over 1 KWH. Metal or plastic box instead of acrylic box for packs upto 1 KWH (=1000 WH).





Prices 2013 subject to change without notice. Prices only binding if confirmed by individual quote.

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Just connect to the engine and go!

All in one box

Buidling your own lithium battery pack?


We offer the most advanced battery management system on the market. The EMUS digital system monitors the voltage, temperature  and balancing of each single cell with a free software to monitor and adjust the settings on you PC or even your mobile phone.


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